All about me..

I divide my time between writing, inventing and collaborating with innovative and forward thinking people/organisations; plus working on my enterprises KeyMail, ScienceOfCybersecurity, ArtOf ThinkingAccurately and RadleyBooks.

I am a generalist—being someone who is (in a true sense) the polar opposite of the specialist who is deeply interested in only a very narrow subject area. On the other hand, generalists are profoundly interested in everything—and desire to see/know/explore/purpose the inherent connections that everything has to everything else.

In my spare time I enjoy studying my own extensive library, collaborating with various universities and innovative companies world-wide; plus engaging in fitness training; for example: weight-training/yoga/running/cycling; plus I enjoy astronomy, cultural tourism and travel.

Current Projects

  • KeyMail is an privacy mail / file-transfer network built from the ground up to protect your data (
  • ScienceOfCybersecurity is a comprehensive taxonomic model of cybersecurity threats and effective countermeasures (
  • Radley Books produces artfully designed printed editions of classic titles (
  • The Art Of Thinking Accurately – is a theory of accurate thinking tools/techniques.
  • Atomic-Network / Magic Links – finding new ways to organise and gain efficient access to all human knowledge.

++ I have several other projects either ongoing, finished or at a very early stage.

Personal Mission Statement

I invent/develop unifying theories, visualisation tools and information systems/sources.

At any one time—I normally work on a range of projects—sometimes alone and at other times in collaboration with innovative persons, companies and organisations.

I am an evangelist for the ethical, moral and spiritual dimensions of technology. I am on the editorial advisory board for the AInCI Computing Handbooks; and I am the author of 10 papers in this series; the latter being for the International Association of Interactive Communication (AInCI); where I have been on the scientific committees for 12 international conferences, workshops and symposia.


I have two major books out recently: ‘The Science of Cybersecurity’ (published), and ‘The Art Of Thinking Accurately’ (forthcoming).

Perhaps my most well-known books are ‘The History Of Physical Culture’ (2001); ‘Self as Computer’ (2015), and ‘Zen Of Dumbbell Training’ (2013).


I am active in a variety of fields :

* Computers, self and society / technopia & techno-rights
* Information: delivery / security / organisation / linkage / access
* World brain / distributed knowledge systems / atomic & hyper-networks
* Design of: cameras, UIs, 3D displays, panoramas / optics of gemstones + eye
* Eyesight amplification / looking & seeing / new types of visual perspective
* Data transmission + compression / binary coding / bandwidth magnification
* The History of Physical Culture + resistance, fitness and athletic training

Visit / / – or contact me directly.

Skype: Alan Radley, Blackpool, UK – email: [alan (full stop) radley (at sign)].