All about me..

I am Scientific Director of the Kim Veltman Institute of Perspective which is a research and educational centre focused on technical perspective, new media and the visual dimensions of science and art (website coming soon).

I am founder of – which studies synergetic systems and aims to create profoundly humanistic—plus environmentally sustainable—technology.

I am a generalist—being someone who is profoundly interested in everything—and who tries to see/know/purpose the inherent connections that everything has to everything else.

I own a vast art/science library on optics, perspective and new media (20,000 volumes), plus I have acquired one of the largest libraries in the world on Leonardo da Vinci (500 volumes). I work in the spirit of a ‘Renaissance man’ or a universalist whose knowledge spans a significant number of subjects, drawing on complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems.

I have been a co-author / co-editor of 6 handbooks on computing plus served on the scientific committees for 12 international conferences for the International Association of Interactive Communication (AInCI).

I am a regular public and keynote speaker on a range of topics.


Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.


* Hologram Mirror (patent granted)
* Personal Virtual / Augmented Reality
* Artificial rainbows / hologram displays
* Super-achromatic / super-dispersive / wide-field optics
* Thinking spaces, Cognitive Media Stacks / waterfall networks
* Hypergrams / BAEM Images (Branching ASCII Embedded Metadata)


* The Science Of Smart Things (2020)
* The Universal Knowledge Machine (2020)
* The Science of Cybersecurity – A Treatise on Communications Security (2018)
* Self As Computer – Blueprints, Visions and Dreams of Technopia (2015)

Active fields:

* Optics, Perspective and New Media
* Photograph and Film production – image annotation/linkage/exploration
* Artificial, Situated and Distributed: Intelligence
* World brain / distributed knowledge systems / hyper-networks
* Optical design of: cameras, UIs, 3D displays, panoramas / optics of gemstones + eye
* Eyesight amplification / looking & seeing / new types of visual perspective
* Cryptography, steganography, efficient data transmission + data compression / coding

Mission Statement

I invent/develop unifying theories, visualisation tools and information systems/sources.

I am an evangelist for the ethical, moral and spiritual dimensions of technology. I am on the editorial advisory board for the AInCI Computing Handbooks; and I am the author of 10 papers in this series; the latter being for the International Association of Interactive Communication (AInCI); where I have been on the scientific committees for 12 international conferences, workshops and symposia.

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Skype: Alan Radley, Blackpool, UK – email: [alan (full stop) radley (at sign)].